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RiskPoynt is the result of a ten-year collaboration with BG Group and various regulatory bodies to answer the question: How do you assess, demonstrate and manage the cumulative effect of risks on your assets?

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Create a Stronger Safety Culture
Through More Intuitive Real-Time Data

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Significant process and operational savings

Catastrophic risk avoidance

Improve productivity on capital assets

The first software to integrate real-time asset telemetry into day-to-day management of operational risks, RiskPoynt translates complex risk assessments for each safety barrier into visual displays that are easy to interpret and act on by people at all levels of your organization, locally and globally.

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With an emphasis on a safety culture, RiskPoynt helps to create a shift in focus from crisis to risk management.

Reduce Risks and Increase Productivity With RiskPoynt

Manage Mitigation Streams

  • Asset Integrity barrier health represents operation risks displayed through our data visualization dashboards
  • Status reports clearly denote potential safety barrier risks for every asset in your portfolio.
  • Records of pending actions that require review, endorsement, or follow through are displayed on the homepage providing transparency and accountability.

Realize Higher Production

  • Ongoing operation savings: reduced loss of production, focus on safety critical elements when planning and validation of primary and secondary risk mitigation events combined with effective management of inter-related dependencies.
  • Major event cost avoidance from loss of life to environmental catastrophe are integral to protecting a company’s reputation and shareholder value.

Foster Your Accountability Culture

  • Workflow and accountability is managed within the tool that seamlessly integrates with other decision support and execution systems.
  • RiskPoynt provides everyone with the same transparent risk data as well as workflow processes that align peer review, endorsement, and execution of safety-critical tasks.

Foster Your Safety Culture

  • The system provides accurate and timely regulatory and compliance reporting. RiskPoynt is in compliance with PSA risk-based regulation, management regulations on barriers and performance-based regulations; EU OSD; UK HSE SCR; UK Oil & Gas; IOGP Management of SCE.
  • RiskPoynt assures that proper mitigation measures are put in place and properly executed upon. The tools available in the software assure that mitigation measures are tracked to completion.