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RiskPoynt Releases COVID-19 Response Solution to Create and Maintain Safe Work Environments Globally

DENVER – (May 27, 2020) – RiskPoynt, the leader in operational risk management through its Barrier Management solution, released its Return to Work COVID-19 Response Solution to visualize and manage the risk of COVID-19 infections in the workplace.

To help companies track safety actions and manage human risk factors, the RiskPoynt cloud-based application utilizes a simple, data driven approach to ensure workplace safety. Five categories, work environment; identify; quarantine; sanitize; and shutdown, are measured and immediately provide organizations with a view of their facility’s status, as well as a simple method to drill into the information to determine the best course of action to maintain a safe environment.

“With RiskPoynt’s COVID-19 risk management solution, organizations quickly gain visibility into what risks they’re facing,” said Tim Perman, CEO of RiskPoynt. “This powerful tool gives you, your staff and customers the peace of mind and confidence that you can operate safely.”

Offered as a solution to current clients and suitable across any facility, the tool helps organizations aggregate data from the established safety barriers to provide a cumulative risk view in order to:

Backed by 10 years of managing risks through barrier management, RiskPoynt is the leader in operational safety. Please email us at or visit our website below.

The Pandemic Barriers
Quickly asses your locations with RiskPoynt’s visual interface

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