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Major International Oil Producer Upgrades to New Version 6.2 RiskPoynt Release

DENVER – (February 16, 2021) – An international oil and gas company headquartered in Vienna, recently upgraded to RiskPoynt’s release of 6.2 to ensure a continuous safe operation.

The major oil producer selected RiskPoynt’s operational risk management software solution in 2016 to effectively lower operational risks, prioritizing work activities that maximize asset integrity with the most efficient use of resources.

RiskPoynt’s release of version 6.2 provides significant functional improvements to widen its lead as the premier barrier management software solution in the market. It allows users to visualize the asset condition by area of a facility and provides deferral processing and visualization of operational major accident hazards (MAH) threats/consequences in a Bow Tie view.

“By upgrading their technology with a robust, best-in-class Barrier Management application, the company can continue to bolster their commitment to sustainability and safety as they strive for a low-carbon future,” said RiskPoynt CEO Tim Perman.

Version 6.2 allows the oil producer to manage risks more efficiently in real-time across the organization, in part to the solution’s expanded Google Maps capabilities, and the two-way integration with SAP’s PM module to support the group deferral process.  


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