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Safety and Efficiency

Top priorities for the oil and gas industry.

Today this requires more focus and precision than ever before due to socioeconomic volatility, changing regulatory requirements, and increasingly hazardous conditions in remote locations.

RiskPoynt is a technological solution that addresses all of these challenges by giving your people the real-time information they need to collaborate with others, make sound decisions quickly, operate safely and avoid catastrophic events.

Make the Shift to a Proactive Risk Management Culture

Using the RiskPoynt software system shifts your culture from crisis management to risk management. The result is an increase in the health of your business culture and bottom line.

  • Crisis Management
  • Risk Management

Trusted by Leaders in the Oil and Gas Industry

Set Reporting Standards

Whether you are upstream, midstream or downstream of the oil and gas industry, RiskPoynt establishes the required rigor in process and reporting standards across integrated operations – offshore and onshore. Regulatory requirements for North America, Latin America and the U.K. are documented as part of your system implementation.

Manage Proactively

With RiskPoynt you can proactively manage operational risks around major capital assets to use resources more effectively, maximize production and reduce operational expenses and the cost of incidents.

Gain Real-Time Data

Whether you are operating a single asset, such as an offshore platform, or managing a fleet of assets across the globe, RiskPoynt allows you to define the standards of operating safely and manage your assets in real time. The standards are built into the system so you can trust the information it provides to make proactive operating decisions.

Do More with Less

In a difficult pricing environment, everyone is pressured to do more with less, but you cannot do this at expense of operating a sustainable asset. RiskPoynt makes it possible to do more with less without sacrificing long-term profitability. By improving collaboration across operations and engineering, it allows you to focus your resources on building a safer and more productive operation. This makes sense in any pricing environment.