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Technology integrator software improves process safety management

Scot Rudolph, director of business development at RiskPoynt, writes in Offshore Magazine on how offshore oil and gas managers face major concerns with risk management in the current low oil price environment where both money and people are in short supply. 

Fortunately, while the tides of fortune have ebbed in the oil and gas industry, advancements in integrated technology have flowed at an accelerated pace. The evolution of process safety management has included a veritable kelp forest of processes to identify, qualify, and even quantify risk. For operational personnel, the complexity and sheer volume of this information presents them with challenges in understanding and interpreting the sheer volume of data, most of which is static and based on “expected” or ideal conditions. 

So, how do we “operationalize” process safety risk management?  Simply stated, how do we retain and utilize the processes, systems and data that are available but acquire and use it in a way that makes it easier to understand and interpret? The answer is technology integrator software and software applications that collect data from multiple sources.

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