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Pioneering the necessary expansion of real-time barrier risk management technology in the global oil and gas industry.

The first software to integrate real-time asset telemetry into day-to-day management of operational risks, RiskPoynt translates complex risk assessments for each safety barrier into visual displays that are easy to interpret and act on by people at all levels of your organization, locally and globally.

RiskPoynt’s Operational Risk Management Application has been recognized by prominent industry analysts and several major oil and gas companies as “best of breed” software for the management of operational risk.

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BG Group have operated their maintenance system (IBM Maximo) for a number of years, rolling out a consistent approach to maintenance group wide. As part of this global initiative, a number of integrated management dashboards have been specifically developed for BG Group by TPSCO, carrying the core goals and focus that Karl Porter (Head of Operations) envisaged for the maintenance operation. A subset of these goals was translated into visual interactive dashboards and adopted by business regions. This has resulted in accurate automated performance measuring around safety critical backlog, impact of emergency work and schedule attainment.

In addition to the maintenance excellence information, the asset integrity model (RiskPoynt) was implemented a number of years ago in the North Sea operation with the business rolling this specialized content out next into India, Tunisia, Trinidad and Tobago. The Board of Directors at BG (now Shell) continued the further roll out with great success to other global regions including LNG export operations in QGC Australia.

In addition to the Cumulative Risk Barrier Model an MX framework was developed for BG group to run against their global roll out of Maximo. The application which RiskPoynt owns, automatically gathers information from a work management system for visualization.

Karl Porter
Head of Maintenance

BG operated assets use RiskPoynt at their facilities. The model provides a view of the health of multiple barriers, allowing operational and engineering teams to make informed decisions.

Graham Roberts
VP of HSSE Operations BG Group

As Process Technical Authority for BG Groups’ Europe E&P, I thoroughly endorse the RiskPoynt Barrier Model. It is an invaluable tool I use with my colleagues in real time for prioritizing safety critical work on our assets.

Jeremy Gaze
Process Safety Engineer, BG Group

Talisman Sinopec is strengthening their integrated onshore support teams and needed a clear understanding of their goals in respect of planning attainment and how that impacted work backlog either non-approved or deferred. Maintenance Manager Andy Birkenshaw’s vision for the business was to raise the profile of this information by way of an interactive dashboard which was developed by TPSCO.

This placed increase focus on data quality and processes which resulted in behavior changes in the organization which in turn helped reduce the work backlog on their key assets. Over a period of 3 months, TPSCO built an operational dashboard partnering with Talismans Sinopec’s IT department for data acquisition. The dashboard has been in production for over 15 months and is having a continued positive influence on reducing backlog.

The service offering uses a template approach to design including rapid prototypes and detailed requirement specifications, as well as taking up the challenge of back filling those areas (data, process and people) that underpin the visualization.

Andy Birkenshaw
Maintenance Manager

Maersk Oil recently implemented SAP globally. As Director of Integrity and Reliability, Kenny Smart’s vision for his region in Qatar was to focus on core values in integrity management, moving the business from being reactive to strategic and creating a culture of “fixing forever instead of forever fixing”. The design brief of the Maintenance Excellence dashboard was to simply provide a framework for working efficiently and effectively by combining measures on safety, integrity, reliability and productivity in one single interactive location. Turnpoint Solutions (TPSCO) developed the dashboard for Maersk Oil in conjunction with their IT department, creating a gateway into SAP data leading to fewer challenges on data automation and more challenges on actual improvement processes and projects. The dashboard has been in production for over 24 months and is making a significant impact to business awareness. Maersk Oil is now looking at globally adopting the dashboard thus introducing consistent measures group wide.

The opening MX dashboard display shows the content categories of safety, integrity, reliability and productivity with links to production statistics. MX 3D visualization provides a clear insight into the field, identifying assets via area and physical location coupled with the business measures.

When well executed, business intelligence delivers a clear picture of your business – a visual fact rather than opinion. RiskPoynt continues to develop our solutions based on a proven framework and by leveraging our relationships with consultancy business partners to deliver reliable content.

Kenny Smart
Director Integrity and Reliability