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Providing real-time management of operational risks for critical assets.

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Based on Facts


RiskPoynt is all about visualization and management of Asset Integrity Barriers.

For the first time, software combines validated human input from live operators with automated input from maintenance, operation and production systems to provide a holistic view of real time operational safety barrier health.

  • Human Operator Input

  • Automated System Input

  • Real-Time View to Manage Risk Mitigation Activities

By identifying and monitoring the current state of operational risk in your assets, RiskPoynt provides actionable intelligence facilitating collaboration across all levels of your organization.

Increase Revenue and Decrease CostsReduce planned and unplanned downtime, reduce loss of production and avoid catastrophic loss

Better Resource AllocationPrioritize flows based on highest risk exposure

Key Benefits

Creates Effective Safety CultureEnhanced risk mitigation improves workforce and environmental safety

Standardization of ProcessesSite, regional and global views that assure effective site and cross organization collaboration

Regulatory ComplianceEnhanced regulatory reporting and industry compliance

How do you assess, demonstrate and manage the cumulative effect of risks on your assets to ensure they are Fit to Operate?


RiskPoynt goes beyond simple visualization of risk and allows proactive management of mitigating activities to lower risks: